About Camp Nelson Honor Guard

Camp Nelson Honor Guard is the Resident Guard of Camp Nelson National Cemetery.  We are located in the rolling hills of Jessamine County, Kentucky just south of Lexington. We are one of only three honor guards in the nation that perform full and enhanced military honors using the caisson and riderless horse.  We are the only honor guard that provides the single horse hearse for all military active duty personnel and veterans.

Our History
We are not funded through the military or veterans affairs.  We rely solely on private donations.  One hundred per cent of all donations received are used solely for the Camp Nelson Honor Guard’s mission, to bring honor and dignity to each veteran laid to rest on the quiet hillside of the Camp Nelson National Cemetery, in church yards, and in local cemeteries in and around Central Kentucky.

Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, Veterans Day, Wreaths Across America, and many more events – the personnel of the Camp Nelson Honor Guard are there throughout the years, to lay wreaths on graves, and to provide comfort and conversation to family, friends and other visitors at the Camp Nelson National Cemetery/National Shrine.  As comrades in arms, the Honor Guard considers it a privilege to serve.

Using donated horses, and based upon our unique Kentucky Civil War heritage at the Camp Nelson National Cemetery/National Shrine, the Camp Nelson Honor Guard brings honor and dignity to our military and veterans by performing enhanced military funeral rites.

About the Honor Guard


We usually use Standardbred horses for the caisson.  The riderless horse and his alternate are white Arabians.  More horses will be added when the drivable caisson is implemented.


Present caisson is a replica of a battery wagon using Civil War era wheels. We now have a new six hitch limber and drivable caisson.  Go to the Donations page for more information on how to become part of the history of the Camp Nelson Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard

The Honor Guard serves as the resident guard for Camp Nelson National Cemetery which is a federally-owned Cemetery. As a National Cemetery, it is available to families of veterans and military nationwide.